The Wichita Public Schools WPSenroll site provides parents with a central point for school and district enrollment requirements.

Enrollment - Please contact your student's school with questions regarding enrollment.

Are you a new student not currently enrolled in Wichita Public Schools?

If your student is new or not currently enrolled in the Wichita Public Schools, please complete and print the Enrollment Form (PDF). Once complete, take it to your student's school during the enrollment period along with proof of current address. If you are unsure which school your student will attend, please contact Student Records at 316-973-4498.

Are you a returning student?

For returning students, use the new Online Enrollment (WPSenroll) tool.

To use the Online Enrollment tool, you must have a ParentVue account. To acquire a ParentVue account you must contact your student's school.

To access Online Enrollment, click to LogOn .

New Students

To enroll, please complete the following enrollment form and visit your local school.

Enrollment Form (PDF)

Returning Students

Try the new online enrollment!


Online Enrollment Requirements:
  * ParentVue account
  * Internet Explorer v7.0 or higher (or Firefox)

Enrollment Tip Sheet